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Maintenance Service
We offer a Maintenance service that can be performed once a month, bi-weekly or weekly.  During summer months(May-Septemeber) we recommend a weekly service, while during winter months (October-April) we recommend a bi-weekly service.  All general maintenance service plans provide the following each visit*:

-water testing
-addition of water when needed
-scoop pond surface
-scrub waterfall 
-clean out skimmer basket
-clean filter media
-backwash and rinse filter
-inspect equipment
-inspect for leaks/cracks in waterfall
-inspect health of all fish
-aquatic plant management
-addition of necessary chemicals/treatments
-algae control spray

​* each service plan can be customized to fit your individual pond needs.

Full Pond Cleanout 


Starting at $500.00 and up
24 Hour Emergency Service
Here at Koi Masters we understand that your koi fish needs are just like those of any family pet, and emergencies do arise at the most unexpected times, that is why we offer a 24 hour emergency service*.  Whether you left your hose running for hours, drained your pond by accident, your koi fish are acting out of character or you simply do not know what to do in any situation we will come to you at any hour.  This is any service performed that was not previously scheduled or any service performed outside of normal operating hours, 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.
*for 24 hour emergency service call 714-812-7101, if you are calling past normal operating hours please leave a message stating that you would like an emergency service call immediately.


$275.00 and up
New Pond Treatments

New pond start up package, we will provide you with the necessary water treatments, such as beneficial bacteria, aquatic plants, and live koi to allow your pond to establish properly.


$185.00 and up 

Weekly Maintenance Service: 
Bi-weekly Maintenance Service:
Monthly Maintenance Service::

$280.00 and up
$160.00 and up
$95.00 and up
Pond Repairs and Service Calls

-Inspect for leaks/cracks in waterfall, pond shell, pond liner, etc.

-Inspect equipment: pump, automatic filter, manual filter, barrel filter, UV system, etc.

-Pond predator problems and solutions


$105.00 per hour